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Pranayam is a specific breathing practice for subtle body. It is called specific because it is a voluntary rhythmic process performed with conscious effort. It acts as an interface between gross and subtle body and also providesassistance toall the psychophysiological functions of the body.

Every pranayama affect metabolism of in its own way, there are different types of pranayama, in which some harmonizes metabolic rate, some increases metabolic rate and some decreases metabolic rate.


Bhramari pranayama is a controlled breathing practice with soft humming bee sound through exhalation. 

This practice emphasizes on the sound vibrations received from the throat through the ear within the body. These sound waves are converted into electrical signals and transmitted to the brain through auricular branch of vagus nerve. As the exhalation through humming bee sound is long, it vibrates the deep lying tissues and organs of brain, due to sound vibration, the electrical activity in the brain will be slightly decreased. This activates the brain centers which leads to significant increase in the levels of endorphins, norepinephrine and dopamine.

Thereby it facilitates parasympathetic response, which induces relaxation to the whole body. In relaxed state excess bodily needs are reduced and the metabolic rate is regulated. In this way, Bhramari pranayama harmonizes metabolic rate.


This is a rapid, deep and forceful breathing practice through nose.

It is an active process which rejuvenates the major systems of the body. Rapid and deep inhalation and exhalation promotes proper blood flow of oxygenated blood to the cells, hydration occurs. This makes the blood cells far apart from each other and move freely in the whole body by carrying oxygen to the small capillaries as per need; which leads to alkalinity of blood. In this way this practice balance the pH of blood and reduces the extra acid produced due to cellular breakdown or production of metabolic wastes.

As we all know digestive juices are quite acidic, our blood must be slightly alkaline, which is necessary for healthy maintenance of the body. Due to superficial breathing and excess fat, proper circulation is obstructed by sluggish diaphragm by which the red blood cells become distributed unevenly and fat is accumulated in spots instead of being burned up. This practice stimulates the abdominal organs and improves the functioning of diaphragm which directly affects digestion and increases metabolism which in turn transforms deposited fat into body fuel. In this way this pranayama increases metabolic rate.